Working All the Time and Not Making Enough Money?

Are you happy with where you are in your business?  Do you feel some frustration or discontentment because you seem to be working crazy hours all the time and yet  don't seem to be making enough money?  Or maybe you're making really good  money but there’s no work life balance?

We all strive and dream for a  work-less and earn-more scenario.  As entrepreneurs, this is the stage that we are all eagerly wanting to reach.  To get there, you need to know what stage you are at in your business.  Now may be the perfect time to do some diagnostics and find out exactly, where you’re at.

First - establish CLARITY.   There are three components and only three components that I work with in a client.  One of them is clarity. Without clarity, you don't really know  what’s going on.  Whatever attempt you do to deal with the issue or to rectify it  may just be a band-aid and may not actually have nothing to do with what the real issue is. To identify the root cause of your problem, examine these  factors:

 Time Management

Is the problem merely  a symptom of  poor time management? There are some people that can naturally plan out  their time.  They are more regimented and get less distracted.  They can stay focused    It is  a  key piece to know thyself and know where  you are coming,  into this analysis of your time management. And if time management is the culprit, the good news,  time management is a skill set you can learn.  

If you learn about yourself, you can put some structure in place.   Putting structure in place gives you freedom.  Freedom from guilt, from worry and you get more done.   You get momentum you're feeling empowered, you're feeling good about yourself.  So lots of good reasons why having some time management structures in  the way you do things,  is a good option to consider.


You might be really good at regimenting on your time but are you working on the right things at the right time.  Do you know how to discern what are the more important things you are working on at any given time? You maybe doing things that are better off delegated to someone because they can do them faster and you can go out and do what you're best doing in your business.  

Take time to read books that can guide you with your productivity.  Not just to manage your time but how to deal with it.  Make sure that you are learning and discerning, what's the most important things you'll be working on at a given time.  Things that actually move the needle.  Things that actually make a difference in your business


Entrepreneurs are a bunch of optimistic lot.  We always think,  things won't take as long as  they do.  As an entrepreneur, when you are in a start up phase,   you are optimistic and honestly that's where you can get what I called “unfulfilled expectations”.  When we have unfulfilled expectations we expect to be making a certain amount of money, expect our lifestyle to look a certain way and when we don't, we get frustrated.  That drags us down and I guarantee you that affects the energy you have towards your business.  It will affect who you attract into  your business.  

In a start up phase, chances are, life doesn't feel very balanced and that's normal.  It’s expected and plan more for that, so you're not having the disappointment pieces there. You are in a  phase where you are putting those solid  foundations in place for you to be able to have a successful business, thus demands more from you.  

There are three phases in a business:  Start-Up, Growth phase and Maintenance Mode.  Each phase requires a different amount of time and dedication.  

Once done with the diagnostic, come up with a strategy.  Now that you have identified the real problem, develop a strategy that you will put in place, to either fix or improve whatever that particular issue is.

Lastly, accountability.  Now that you have a strategy in place, you need someone to hold you accountable to make sure you implement the strategies and  hold on to them. It may be a coach or a mastermind group that will guide you to ensure that your strategies are well executed and in place.   There has to be some kind of accountability because if not what happens is we get drawn into rabbit holes  and we get to deal with distractions.  

I really encourage you to do the diagnostic to figure out where  you are in your business.  Frustrations may be lesser and you will understand where you are and not just be a victim of circumstance.  Knowing where you stand  is a much more empowering place to be.  




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