Top 3 Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs & Professionals

In my almost 19 years of business coaching people, the issue of  productivity is one of the recurring challenges that entrepreneurs and professionals are faced with. Productivity is a gauge in measuring one person’s efficiency and a number  of external factors contribute to being productive or unproductive.

Here are 3 simple productivity tips that will enable you to put balance in your professional and personal life.



Take a look at your inbox and do an email diagnostic.  Do you have 6 or 7 emails that go back and forth that simply say “thank you” or “okay” or “noted?”  Not only does it flood your inbox, but a bit distracting right?  I will share with you an email protocol that will eliminate the number of emails and be much clearer on the email interaction.   

Make sure your email is clear, tackles one topic for every email and your subject line reflects what the email is about. Adapt a One Subject One Email rule. It is too challenging to deal with different things in an email.  

For better email management,  we will add a simple twist to your subject line.  Indicate the type of action that you want from the recipient.

A.  Action Requested (AR) - From the time management standpoint of the recipient, you are letting them know that they actually have to set some time to take an action on your email. You can be more specific and put the date when you want that action taken.

B.  Response Requested (RR) -  you are actually expecting a response, indicate if you want it by a certain date.

  C.  For Your Information (FYI) - You are sending the email for their information.  No need to acknowledge you back, just want to pass out the information.


People struggle with productivity because they say yes to so many things.  You have personal, family and work related concerns. Look at your work week and personal life and start batching together the things you need to do.  Break it down into those that are most important to the ones that are least important.  Once you have identified them, block off the time and schedule them in your calendar.  You have a 75% greater chance of getting things done if you put it in your calendar than in your to do list. Put some structure in place. You are more productive if you have better control of your time.  Recognize your relationship with time and spend time on things that are really important.


Start thinking from a different perspective.  Stop focusing on your to do list and come up with 2-3 short term goals that will support your long term goals.  If there are things in your to do list that does not support your short term goals, set it aside for now.  Breakdown  those goals and think of the strategies you are going to employ in order to move forward. Then those strategies you're gonna break those down yet,  to another level that’s gonna be -  what are my action steps.  What are the specific action steps that you need to do to achieve your goals and put that in your calendar.  Take note of the things that will move the needle in your business.  If there are things that you like done but cannot be done for now, park those later for a down the road initiative. Concentrate on what you need to be working on right now because that is what’s most important.

If productivity is something that you struggle with and you want to become even more efficient than you are now,  then I really recommend that you use these 3 simple productivity tips.



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