Why You May Be Running Out Of Time

Time. That illusive commodity. If only we could all make more time. There are many reasons why we are constantly behind the eight ball. However I have found that the key reason as to why entrepreneurs, like yourself, are constantly running out of time is because they have no systems or procedures in place.

Even if you are a solo entrepreneur your business will be far more efficient if you have systems in place for every activity. Plus you are less likely to procrastinate when you know clearly what your next steps are. This new focus will transform your time management.

As a result of your increased efficiency and less procrastination you will have more time to do the things that really matter.

Ponder over this for a moment: If you continue to do the same task regularly but do it differently every time, how do you know which way is the best way? It is very possible that you may be doing it many times in a less-efficient and less profitable manner.

How much time do you waste reinventing the wheel, every time you repeat a task?

A key piece here is not to try and remember how to do things but to document them!

Most solo entrepreneurs spend far too much time on tasks that they should be delegating. They don’t, however, because they don’t have their tasks documented with clear procedures and as a result aren’t able to train anyone to take over that work.

So you keep yourself so busy by occupying yourself with things you shouldn’t be, or trying to remember how to do them, which doesn’t leave enough time for you to be working on the income generating activities!

Your efforts need to be focused on more important matters such as creating predictable income, planning as well as reviewing your business.

My guess is that you are so deeply engrossed in the day to day workings of your business that time passes too quickly and as a result you have a huge pile of incompletions.. That takes up headspace.

Compounding this, when you do the same job in a variety of ways you will likely have a wide range of variation in your products.  As we all know, inconsistency can kill your brand and frustrate your customers.

Systems give you consistency AND efficiency. Once your systems have been documented, be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve on the procedures.

So where do you start? Start with those easily identifiable reoccurring tasks and create a flowchart of the steps.

For example:

•                How do you handle referrals?

•                Do you have a system in place for customer service strategies?

•                How do you handle product returns?

•                How do you handle customer complaints?

Create a system for each and every task in your business. This will, in turn, also enable you to delegate lower level activities either by hiring someone or outsourcing. Your training manual is ready to go.

Every aspect of your business should be flowcharted into a system which includes your marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, finance, administration etc.

Once you start this process you will begin to notice your time freeing up, and as a result, you will be motivated to continue this process.

So ask yourself these questions:

Do you have written procedures in every aspect of your business?

Have you ever had problems that repeat themselves?

Do you produce the same quality of work in the same amount of time every time?

If you aren’t happy with the answers to these questions then start with one system, the one you are most motivated to create and see how much more productive you are!



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