Episode #83 – Master Your Mind Game for Massive Success

Coach Kerry will interview expert Lauren D. Keith Ph.D where you will learn the many of the ways we self-sabotage, how to combat them and how to take control over the thoughts to manifest great success and satisfaction. You will learn Simple strategies you can apply immediately to create better results, Techniques for forgiving/letting go so that you can soar and Strategies for tapping into your personal power

Dr. Lauren Keith is a certified Success Coach.  In this capacity she enjoys the great pleasure of helping individuals identify what a life they would love living would look like.  Then she guides them through a proven coaching process to move in the direction of that life and achieve results faster and bigger than they would on their own.  It is very rewarding work and creates significant transformations in the lives of her clients.

Additionally she is a huge animal lover and has been active in the field of animal rescue for many years.  Her passion for rescuing, fostering, and bottle feeding orphan kittens has earned her the nickname “Miss Meow.”



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