Living Your Life’s Purpose

Have you ever questioned yourself - what is my purpose in life?  What is it that really fulfills me?

In one of the episodes of “Hang Out With Coach Kerry”, I had the privilege of having the inspiration behind my  show, best selling author Michael J. Losier.  Michael shared his expertise on how we can live our life’s purpose. Practical strategies to bring your vision and purpose.

Michael coined the term “fulfillment needs.”  Simply, fulfillment needs are the needs that fulfill us.  To identify our fulfillment needs, we must determine first and foremost, what is our purpose in life.  What are we aiming for?  For example, someone might say that their life’s purpose is to be a singer.  But when they sing, what they are doing is “living the purpose of your life”  Singing is merely a strategy for their life’s purpose.  

For many people, their purpose in life is JOY.  All the decisions they make will bring them joy.  In order to achieve joy, one must create strategies that will lead them to joy.  However, you can only create strategies when you know what your fulfillment needs are.

In his book, Fulfillment Needs - How to Uncover What Fulfills You So You Can Live Your Life’s Purpose, Michael guides you in uncovering our top 4 fulfillment needs. These needs can range from the need for a community, autonomy, leadership, influencing other people, acknowledgement, recognition, adventure, achievement, freedom, purity and power among others.  Examine yourself. To identify your needs, check what resonates with you.  Once it doesn't resonate, you do not need it.

Perhaps a crane operator’s job may seem uninspiring for some people.  But maybe the crane operator’s fulfillment need is order and function.  He may also like control and working daily on that crane, seeing everything that he has accomplished leads him to joy.  It’s not the position or how much money you make, it all boils down to what makes you happy.

Knowing your fulfillment needs and the needs of other people within your circle can make your relationships grow and flourish.  You also need to satisfy the needs of other people by understanding what their needs are.  It is hard to celebrate your fulfillment when the people around you are not fulfilled and unhappy.  

You can watch the original interview with Michael Losier here.




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