Episode #92 – What You Ought to Know About What Fulfills You So You Can Live Your Life Purpose

Join Coach Kerry as she interviews best selling author, speaker and trainer on the Law of Attraction Michael Losier. Perhaps you or someone you know is struggling to discover their life purpose—what they are on the planet to do, or they may catch themselves saying they are not 'fulfilled at work or in their relationships". Sound familiar?

It may not be you but another agent or salesperson that may feel unfulfilled in one or two areas of their career, yet in other areas, they thrive. Knowing what fulfills you will help you make decisions on where and how to spend your time. When entrepreneurs and business owners know what fulfills them, they focus on that part of their work and allow others handle the rest.

Taken from Michael’s upcoming third book, Fulfillment Needs - How to Uncover What Fulfills You So You Can Live Your Life's Purpose. Agents will learn:

  • What is the Purpose of Your Life?
  • How to use the process to uncover your needs
  • What are your Top 4 Fulfillment Needs?
  • How to apply this information to your career to get awesome results







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