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Guest Blog from Bonnie Mitchell of Mitchell Creative 

Building a business brand is not always easy; it is however, an essential part to your business’s success. The good news is it does not need to be overwhelming either. In this article I will simplify branding to what are the three core elements of a brand and share some important points on how to successfully build the foundation to your brand upon which you can further expand your business.

What exactly is a brand? It is not just a logo and colours that identify your business. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Your brand essences should come from your vision, mission and values statement you create for your company. (Yes, this is an important part of building your business!) If it does not, you may not have a successful brand.

What is a brand’s goal? It is to aim to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. To achieve this goal the three points below must be congruent with each other.

Simplified anatomy of a brand broken down in three sections:

1) Visual Brand - this is everything the public SEE.

Brand Personality - this is what your company IS and what your clients RELATE to.

Customer Experience - this is what customers 
THINK, FEEL and SAY to others about your company.

I highly recommend working with a qualified graphic designer, and I’m not just saying this because I happen to be one. There are advantages to working with someone on your brand who is outside your business and your circle of support. A good designer will offer unbiased views and ideas for your brand development and work with you to achieve your goals. Working with a designer also ensures your visual brand will look professional, attract your target market, and not send mixed messages about who you are and what you do. Clarity and simplicity is the key to communicating your unique business and can yields great returns when implemented early in the business development.

In order to get off to a strong start here are 10 common branding bloopers you can easily avoid to help build a strong foundation on which to further build your business.

10 common branding bloopers

Designing your own logo.Hire a qualified designer to design your logo. They will have the skill required to create an effective logo that will look professional and speak to your target audience and provide clarity in your message.

  1. Creating your own marketing material.Again, hire a qualified designer to design your marketing material. A designer will create effective marketing materials that enhance your brand and reach your target audience.
  1. Being inconsistent with the corporate identity.Consistency is king when it comes to people remembering your brand. Be sure to obtain a Brand Guidelines document from your designer. This will inform you how to use your logo, colours and fonts. Follow it religiously.
  1. Not positioning your business clearly.What product or service is it that you provide that sets you apart from your competition? Make it clearly understood and focus on it.
  1. Printing your business card on your home printer.Professionally print your cards. It is likely the first piece of advertising you will hand out. A floppy business card does not leave a strong impression of your company. I equate it to a weak handshake.
  1. Having no branded email signatureWe live in a digital age, where much communication happens through email. Ending your email with a 
proper signature with a logo further positions the credibility of your company. Bonus Tip: Make sure your email signature font matches the email font, and use a system font so it appears the same on both Mac and Windows computers!
  1. Not having a website.I can’t stress enough; we live in a digital age where more research and business is being conducted online and on smart phones. Ensure you have website and that it is mobile friendly.
  1. Not focusing your brand on the core essential services.Decide what your one core product or service is and focus your marketing there. Don’t confuse potential clients with long lists of all the products and services you offer. Stick to communicating your core product or service and your unique selling proposition, the rest will follow.
  1. Forgetting to thank your clients! Send a tastefully branded thank you card to new clients who choose to work with you and don’t forget to appreciate your existing clients as well!
  1. Trying to be something you’re not.Once you have a good looking professional brand, enhance it by being yourself, being honest and being consistent. Your personality and how you show up at your marketing events and meetings will speak volumes to bringing credibility to your brand.


These simple tips will help save you time and money as you build the foundation to your successful business!

Bonnie Mitchell How to successfully lay the foundation for your business’s brand

Bonnie Mitchell



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