Episode #82 – How To Avoid The Shiny Thing Syndrome

Do you find yourself bouncing from idea to idea in your business? What is your business strategy? Does your marketing lack strategy and focus? It is likely because you suffer from the "Shiny Thing Syndrome" and unless you address the root cause of it your business will struggle moving forward, lack momentum and your revenues will be on a roller coaster!
Join small business expert Coach Kerry as she demystifies why you may suffer from this syndrome and how to stop.



  1. Annette says:

    This was a good one Kerry! Thank you.
    I have thought lots of this for my networking with eWomen and WWBN… is it really my target market.
    I would love your thoughts.

    • Kerry Brown Kerry Brown says:

      Great that you found this episode of value. Deciding where to focus and concentrating on a particular strategy will definitely pay off in the long run versus trying one strategy and then another, then another, well you get the drift.

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