What the Heck Does My Behavioural Style Have to do with My Business Success?

In the course of our daily life, we get to meet different kinds of people.  There are those that we easily build rapport with, there are those that no matter how hard we try, we can never relate or struggle to communicate.  If we put this in a business scenario it’s likely you already have had dealings with people that you just don’t get? It goes without  saying that it would be better for your business if you figured out how to work with people that you do not click?

Additionally, if you hate going to networking events, and yet you know that you must meet people to grow your revenues, understanding yourself could help you capitalize on your strengths and find ways to work through your challenges.   There are certain things that each and every individual do well naturally and because the behaviours are more natural to them they are easy and as such don’t require a lot of energy. Then there  are those who find some things that they must do,  a struggle. It’s about our natural behavioural style.

In running your business, understanding your behavioural self is a key piece. Your precept, “know thyself.”   The more you know about yourself, the more you understand that there are different behavioural styles and you can start making adjustments.  You can put whatever needs to be placed to support those areas of your particular behaviour  that don’t come easily to you.

What I am talking about here is observable behaviour, behaviours in the past are good indicators of behaviours in the future. And the good news is that at any time we can choose to adjust our behaviour to another style. The operative word is choose. First you must know what your natural style is in order to be able to make an adjustment.

Most of us are a combination of the following behavioural styles, however never all four. There is no judgement about one style or combination being better than another. We need all styles in order for the world to work and some styles are better suited to certain kinds of work than others and when we are in a role that fits our natural style the work comes easy and when we are doing work that requires us to adjust our style it takes more energy and focus. Absolutely a person can be successful if they are in a role that requires them to adjust their style a lot, at the end of the day they may be a bit more exhausted.

Which of these behavioural styles do you belong to:

D - Driver Behavioural Style:

This is a person with a big vision, goal driven and achievement oriented. They run the show and have the ability to see the big picture. They want to keep moving, accomplish one task after another. They love the art of the deal.

I - Influencer Behavioural Style:

These are the ones that naturally influence people, the Pied Pipers. They are likable and inspiring. The people around them feel inspired. They have lots of good ideas and see the big picture but they are not good with the implementation.

S - Support Behavioural Style:

People with support behavioural style puts other people’s needs first before their own.  They want to support and encourage people. These are the people from the helping profession and they excel in customer service.

C - Concise Behavioural Style:

People under this behavioural style enjoy routine. They are concise and correct. They strictly adhere to rules.  If they make a rule, they follow it with no justifications. They persevere until the outcome is achieved.

Just to give you an example, I am not really a detail oriented behavioral style person.  I'm an influencer and I can turn on a dime.  I think big picture and not attentive to the small details. Being an influencer and seeing the big picture fits well for the work I do, coaching and inspiring entrepreneurs.  But sometimes I have to do very detailed work. To do this,  I need to have a protocol laid out for me in a detailed form so that I can follow those step by step and do it the same every time.  Recognizing that about me helps me understand that there are certain things in my business that if I’m going to start delegating, those will be the things that are not within my gifts, my natural behavioural style. Often those are things that I struggled to do and maybe avoid and maybe procrastinate.

Remember, people can move from their natural style to an adjusted style all the time.  They can be highly successful outside of what their natural style would be.  It's just that at the end of the day it’s going to require a lot more energy, it's going to be more challenging to perform, to be highly successful because they are outside of their natural style and their natural comfort zone.

So what does your behavioural style have to do with your success in business, EVERYTHING.  Every business is based on relationships, every business starts with people relating to each other.  Whether it’s within the confines of your office or out there in the world, you need to develop rapport with the people you deal with. When it comes to hiring the right people, bringing on a partner, communicating with your clients, vendors and other stakeholders, and the more you know about yourself, the other styles and how to assess and recognize other styles will help you create rapport more quickly and will dramatically improve your communication with them.

About the Author:

Located in Victoria, B.C., Kerry Brown is a Certified Advanced Professional Business Coach, Certified MasterMind Executive Coach, and Certified in Extended DISC with over 20 years experience coaching individuals to breakthrough their blocks to success so that they can create their visions and ultimately achieve their goals.



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