Episode #99 – How to Reframe life’s challenges in Minutes vs Months when you’re mentally or emotionally hijacked.

Do you ever get side-tracked by judgement, worry, anger or fear.  Do you ever wonder how much money or missed opportunity you may be losing in your business, or have you ever felt you lost a prospect or a client because you got mentally or emotionally ‘hijacked’.   At the very least negative emotions are exhausting, and the % we spend in negativity is the % we waste in life and in our business.  So how to turn that around every time it happens to you, maybe multiple times a day, in minutes vs months. That’s the gift my entrepreneurial expert is going to deliver right to your doorstep live today.  So that your today, and tomorrow can be easier and more successful!

Join Coach Kerry as she interviews success expert Heather Ramsey. When she’s not leading great returns for investors in Stock Exec, Heather's training entrepreneurs to rewire for higher success in ReWired WorldWide.  In her capacity as Founder and Head Trainer, she has guided entrepreneurs to double, triple and in some cases quadruple their sales, apply success principles and practices to ensure they hit their targets, build their business, take care of the entrepreneur at the head of their business, and enjoy the growth ride.



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