Episode #94 – How a Committed Writing Practice Can Transform Your Business and Your Life

At the end of this expert interview with Junie Swadron you will have a more informed knowledge of why writing with relationship to their business is vital

You will begin to connect why writing in a journal is key not only for releasing emotions but to get clarity

You will learn that the more you write stream of consciousness, getting away from the inner critic, the more you will begin to know yourself.

The more you write in this way, the truer, more authentic you will be in the world  - in their business and in your personal life.

The more you write, the easier it becomes - it doesn't have to be a big scary thing.

And if business writing isn't your thing and it's taking too much of your time, have someone write copy for you - but make sure they get to know you well so they do it in "Your" voice  "

Business Coach Kerry Brown lives in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island which is on Canada’s very west coast living a dream lifestyle.

Kerry Brown is known as the Small Biz Expert and is an inspiring and motivating, internationally recognized business speaker, Master Certified Advanced Professional Business Coach and Certified MasterMind Executive Coach with over 20 years’ experience speaking, coaching and training. She is an expert in coaching individuals to breakthrough their blocks so that they can create their visions and ultimately achieve their goals.



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