Hiring a Business Coach Is the Best Decision You Can Make For Your Company

Are you working crazy hours and still don’t know how to create a solid, predictable income?

Are you overwhelmed wearing so many hats you struggle with knowing what you should be working on?

Do you dream about what it would be like to feel in control of your business: with stable cash flow, a steady stream of new clients/customers, enough time to get the important things done like the implementation of new projects and planning for future growth and systems that leave you feeling organized (and even give you some work/life balance!)

Investing in business coaching will be the best decision you ever make for your business! (Even though you may think you can’t afford it)

Are you spending so much time trying to make money that it is killing your business? Are you lurching from feast to famine and back again?

In my 16 years as a business coach I have found the issues facing solopreneurs are the following:

Not enough clients

You have tried a number of strategies to connect with your ideal client yet you still struggle with having enough clients. You may make connections yet you struggle with follow up and follow through.

Not enough money

You lay awake at night worried about debt and whether you will get enough clients to keep going.  You hate networking because the whole time you feel like a fraud pretending things are “going great”.

Not enough time

Your days are filled, your to do list continually grows, you’re busy all the time yet you aren’t making any progress. You feel disorganized, like things are slipping. You’re working all the time, yet not bringing in enough. There’s no way to expand, take on more clients (or devote time to marketing and planning) – because your time is all eaten up.

All of this leads to confusion and frustration, doesn’t it?

Here’s why you’re in this situation

In my experience of over 16 years of business coaching, the problem always boils down to 3 key blunders:

1.  You’re trying to do this all alone

You’re independent by nature (that’s what attracted you to a solo practice) – but independence has its down side.

You have fallen in love with your own ideas. It is easy to lose perspective and easy to rationalize your decisions. What might be obvious to someone else is invisible to you.

You don’t have anyone who has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right decisions.

You may also struggle with motivation and getting things done – because when you’re on your own, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and let yourself off the hook.

2. You suffer from the shiny thing syndrome

When you are overwhelmed it is easy to get caught up in looking for the magic bullet, the one thing that will make a difference.

You bounce from one strategy to another, one initiative to another and when it doesn’t get immediate results you are on to the next.

Grabbing ideas and suggestions from various sources does not allow the opportunities to be implemented strategically.

3. Lack of business education/training

You are awesome at what you DO – the work of your business. You’re an excellent chiropractor or realtor or graphic designer or accountant.  You are a craftsperson. You identify with the work of your business. You are focused on providing excellent products or services. You’re less excellent at business – because you never got that education or training. (After all, you studied chiropractic, real estate, graphic design, accounting…not business!)

This leads to problems with managing time and money, developing business systems and, of course, sales, marketing and customer service.

It’s not going to get better until you decide to change

“If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got.”

~ Jim Rohn

Human nature is such that we usually don’t make a change until we have reached a point where the pain of our current situation is greater than the pain of staying the same.

Until you do something different, you’ll get more of the same.

Or worse. Eventually you’ll get more tired, more frustrated and more discouraged – leading to a downward spiral of worsening results.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You CAN have the business you dreamed about. You have to take the first step.

With some specific coaching and mentoring – along with perspective and insight from an experienced and trusted business advisor, you can achieve the same results my clients report:

  • Increased sales and profits
  • Productivity gains – more time for self, family and “a life”
  • Ease and flow in their business
  • Increased clarity and confidence
  • Feeling like you’re making progress and reaching your potential

The Success Biz Program for Solo Professionals.

Clarity ~ Strategy ~ Accountability

The initial areas of concentration will be dependent on the results of the initial Business Effectiveness Evaluation for Solopreneurs. This is the clarity piece. While there are often many areas of opportunity and frustration, with the help of your Coach a list of priorities is created.  This is where the initial focus will be. This way we can make the most efficient use of our time and get the fastest results for you. At our first meeting, we will go over the assessment and create a 90 day and 1 year strategy plan.

The focus could be on a few fundamental areas – reviewing your mission, vision and values, following or

  • refreshing your business plan,
  • creating a marketing system that drives predictable income,
  • creating a sales system that converts prospects into customers,
  • creating a customer service system that keeps them coming back, and
  • financial management to ensure profitability.

In addition, you may wish to focus on success mindset strategies so you can get out of your own way.

Once you are clear on the key areas of concentration an action strategy plan is put in place.

Ongoing accountability with your Coach will ensure you immediately move forward on the right action steps. Continuous assessing of progress and priorities occurs to ensure that what truly needs to be worked on at that time is what is being addressed.

What does it cost?

First of all, coaching doesn’t cost – it pays.

Coaching is an investment that usually begins to pay off immediately and will continue paying off over the life of your business. Everything you learn today you can continue to apply in the future.

Coaching rates for solopreneurs start at just $750 per month for two sessions.

The real cost is NOT getting business coaching

Let’s do a quick calculation.

How much did you earn in your business last month?

How much did you WANT to earn last month?

Subtract the two figures. This is how much it is costing you – each and every month – you put off learning what you need to learn, or changing what you need to change.

I don’t work with everyone. I only work with individuals who meet a certain set of criteria:

You have your own solo practice. You work on your own – maybe from home or a rented office – without the benefit of a team to support you.

You are an intelligent, ambitious, high achiever. You want (at minimum) a six figure income from your practice. You may or may not have visions of growing your business larger.

You are coachable. You’re willing to accept feedback, you’re ready to make changes no matter what and you are eager to explore the world outside of your comfort zone. (This is where change happens!)

You are prepared to set aside time to implement the strategies and to do the homework.

If you’re looking for a magic bullet, a quick fix solution or a way to succeed without working or changing, this is not for you.

I help individuals who are ready to up their game.

Let’s Get Started!

If that is you send me an email and let’s have a chat to see if there is a fit.