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Financial Blog

Stop Overpaying Taxes!

We work with tax specialists, accountants and bookkeepers across Canada and manage everyone to ensure that everyone reports in a timely manner. There is no reason to ever have to over pay taxes or pay penalties. Click Here> Small Business Tax Accountants

Where Can I Find a Local Calgary Bookkeeping Company?

Small Business Tax Solutions provides exceptional bookkeeping services for most small business requirements. Our team has numerous certified experts who provide quick, accurate bookkeeping. Click Here> Bookkeeping Calgary

Are There Accountants Who Specialize in Working with Small Businesses?

At Small Business Tax Solutions our designated accountants provide an assortment of services right here in Calgary. Our team includes designated accountants, tax specialists and financial planners. Click Here> Accountants Calgary

How Can I Never Pay Taxes Unnecessarily Again?

As an accounting company, we at Small Business Tax Solutions, can help you to save money on your personal and corporate taxes. Click Here> Accounting Calgary

Where Can I Find Inexpensive Bookkeeping Services?

As a small business ourselves, we understand the pains of having to pay high costs for high quality services, that's why we offer high quality services, for low prices. At Small Business Tax Solutions, we believe that you should receive the same advice that's normally reserved for large companies. Click Here> Bookkeeper Calgary

What's The Best Way To Get A Home Mortgage?

If you’ve been trying to get a mortgage on your home and the bank has turned you down, we can help you. With the lowest rates in Calgary and the highest approval ratings, we can almost guarantee you will be approved. Click Here> Mortgage Rates Calgary

Photography Blog

Where Can I Find An Experienced Photographer In Calgary?

Don't be fooled by the name, at Destination Wedding Photography Calgary, we do it all, including Wedding, Maternity, Children, Family, & Corporate  Click Here> Calgary Photography

Why Should I Hire a Destination Wedding Photographer?

All too often, a bride and groom spend the time and money to have their dream beach wedding, and come home disappointed with second-rate pictures. Or, they come home with a low quality CD and find they cannot make decent enlargements. Your memories are something that can never be replaced; you deserve to have your wedding captured in all the splendor and beauty with which you experience it. Click Here> Destination Wedding Photographer

Are You Looking For An Experienced Calgary Photographer?

Sid Helischauer is a professional and passionate Calgary photographer with over 20 years of experience and the owner and founder of Dynamic Images. Personable, outgoing and considerate, Sid is more than the average Calgary photographers; he is your friend, your bridesmaid, your purse, and by the end of the day, you'll be sure he's one of the family. Click Here> Calgary Photographers

How Do I Find the Right Wedding Photographer?

At Dynamic Images, we offer reliable, full service photography, capturing the mood, ambiance, and atmosphere of your wedding, in a fun, professional approach. We understand that planning your wedding can be a costly, stressful time, and we want to work with you to make it the best it possibly can be. Rather than slotting you into a specific ‘package’, we want to build a package together with you to accommodate all your personal and financial needs and expectations. You and your wedding are unique, and should be given personal, individual attention in planning and preparation. We also give you a guaranteed discount, in writing, on your reprints for life. After your wedding, we provide you with a full proof book of your day, peppered with various accents and options, such as black and whites, sepias, solid and gradually faded borders, color accents, and much more. Click Here> Calgary Wedding Photographers

Can I Hire A Photographer To Take Pictures Of My Child At My Own Home?

We understand that kids sometimes have their own agendas. With Dynamic Images, your children aren't restricted by studio hours or location; if your child is at their best at 6am in their pajamas, we’re there. 3pm at the park? We’re there too. 10pm in the backyard? You guessed it. Click Here> Children's Photography

Can I Include My Pets In My Family Portrait?

Whether your family is comprised of two members or twenty, we will capture each smile and individual as though they were the only one. Your family might include a pet, and we invite you to bring them along. We know that our pets are one of the family for us, and they likely are for you too. Click Here> Calgary Family Photographers

Why Should I Get Professional Maternity Photographs?

It is often said that a woman is her most beautiful when pregnant. At Dynamic Images we couldn't agree more, and we’re here to capture that beauty, reflecting the joy, anticipation, and bottomless love that envelopes you. Click Here> Maternity Photography Calgary

Who Provides Corporate Photography in Calgary?

Whether you need headshots, product photography, or special event photography, Dynamic Images is the place. Our photography of your product and/or services, for example for business cards, website, brochures, and/or marketing material is conducted with fine attention to detail, to convey your product with vivid clarity. We will also meet all of your needs at the company function, awards ceremony, or golf tournament, capturing either the professional, sophisticated elements or the outside-the-office fun and relaxed atmosphere, depending on your requests. Click Here> Corporate Photography Calgary

Where Can I Find a Creative and Unique Photographer in Edmonton?

With over 27 years of experience in a variety of fields of photography, this local photography company is the right fit for you. At Artistic Creations, we specialize in maternity, newborn, dance, wedding and more! Plus, we also provide wedding or special occasion videography. Click Here> Edmonton Photography

Are You Looking For An Experienced Photographer in Edmonton?

At Artistic Creations, we have two highly qualified photographers available in Edmonton. With over 27 years of experience, you can put your in them. They will provide you with professional and creative photography. Click Here> Edmonton Photographers

Are You Looking For A Unique Way to Capture Your Wedding?

Not only do we specialize in wedding photography, we also provide wedding videography services. Most wedding days pass in a blur; at Artistic Creations we use the power of video (beautiful moving images, clear sound and charming storytelling) to keep the memory alive for years to come. Click Here> Video Production Edmonton

Are You In Need of a New Family Portrait?

At Artistic Creations we boast one of the largest indoor venues in Edmonton, Alberta. We offer a variety of realistic backgrounds and props to accentuate your photography needs. From large groups to even larger family reunions, our sets can accommodate any number of people. Click Here> Edmonton Family Photographers

Why Should I Invest in Professional Newborn Photography?

There are many reasons why you should invest in professional newborn photography. 1) Creativity: Taking good photographs is an art and having a professional photographer with a trained eye and the creativity to visualize a unique photo is worth the extra cost. 2) Time: Many new parents feel they do not have the extra time to try and take professional looking photographs. 3) Quality: Even with all the new photo apps on the market, a smart phone will not capture the same high quality of professional photographs. 4) Memories: Of course, the most important reason you should invest in newborn photography is for the memories. Click Here> Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Are You Always Saying You're Not Photogenic?

At Artistic Creations, our glamour photographers work with each individual to find your best angles and to help you choose the best outfit. Most importantly we work your expressions in the shoot until that perfect, gorgeous look comes across your face. Click Here> Glamour Photography

Who Offers Wedding Photography in Edmonton?

Artistic Creations! Through a blend of classic, contemporary, and candid photography, our images capture spirit, honesty and emotions as they unfold. The high quality of standards of our photographers gives our clients lively, vibrant wedding photographs to treasure for a lifetime. We also enjoy destination weddings like Mayan Riviera, Dominican Republic, Europe and any other location you can dream of. Click Here> Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Is There a Company That Specializes in Pet Photography?

At Artistic Creations we understand pets are like family. Whether you would like to add them in your family portrait or photograph them on their own, we are here to help. Click Here> Pet Photography Edmonton

Legal Blog

Looking For A Lawyer That Specializes In Intellectual Property Law?

Stemp & Company makes protecting your intellectual property easy, bringing 35 years of legal expertise and service experience to every case. We specialize in trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial design and incorporation. Click Here> Intellectual Property Law

What Is Power Of Attorney?

Powers of Attorney are used to give another person the legal ability to manage that person’s assets if the person becomes unable to do so by reason of mental disability. This is particularly important between spouses, as a spouse has no legal ability to manage the other spouses' assets without this document. Click Here> Probate a Will

What is a Copyright?

A copyright protects artistic creation, photographs, sculptures, computer software, architectural drawings, and similar items. Click Here> Copyright Law

Why Do I Need a Patent?

A patent is the only means by which you can "own an invention" and have the right to control or decide who is entitled to manufacture, sell or import your product or manufacturing methods. You cannot prevent someone from using your idea unless you hold a patent for the invention. Click Here> Patent Law

Are You Looking for a Wills and Estates Lawyer?

Stemp & Company offers a full compliment of legal services in the area of Wills, Estates, Probate Applications, Represented Adults, Personal Directives and Enduring Powers of Attorney. Our team of professionals is able to handle any of our client’s needs in these areas, including the preparation of Wills, providing advice with respect to estate planning and estate administration, services in the areas of applications for probate, as well as applications for administration of estates, providing advice and preparing documentation with respect to enduring powers of attorney and personal directives. Click Here> Wills and Estates

What is an Industrial Design?

Industrial Designs protect the aesthetic value or visual appearance of a product or special ornamentation or design which may be applied to a product. Click Here> Industrial Design Patents

Should I Incorporate to Protect My Invention?

We're often asked if it is worthwhile to incorporate so their new company can hold the rights to their invention. There are many advantages to incorporating, and we've discussed some of them here. Click Here> Incorporation

What's the Difference Between a Trademark and a Trade Name?

A trademark protects the name of the product (brand name) or the name of the company selling the product. It can also be a slogan, logo, advertising jingle or other method of distinguishing your product or service from your competition. A trade name should be trademarked for protection. A trade name is merely an operating business name that is required by banking institutions to open an account. A trade name identifies that a company is registered provincially to do business with a certain name. A trade name does not provide any type of protection for exclusive rights to your business name. Click Here> Trademarks

Are You Looking for a Real Estate Lawyer

We provide a full compliment of real estate services regarding both commercial and residential properties as well as the preparation of all documents required for our clients to purchase, sell or mortgage commercial and residential real estate properties. We are able to handle any of our client’s real estate needs from beginning to end. Click Here> Real Estate Law

Charged With a Criminal Defense and Need a Criminal Lawyer in Calgary?

Being charged with a criminal offence is probably the scariest thing that will ever happen to you. You really do need to consider engaging experienced legal representation to ensure that you get the best possible defense. Criminal Lawyers Calgary created a site in an attempt to educate you on what the proper procedures are, and what your options are, regarding your criminal charges, to ensure that you are properly represented with an effective criminal defense that will give you the results that you desire, which can mean keeping you out of jail, keeping your fines to a minimum, and keeping your legal fees to a minimum. Click Here> Criminal Lawyers Calgary

Need a Lawyer Specializing in Criminal Law?

Criminal Lawyers Calgary has access to numerous lawyers that specialize in specific areas of law, including criminal law. Click Here> Calgary Criminal Lawyers

Looking For A Criminal Lawyer That Does It All?

Look no further! Criminal Lawyers Calgary has experience in a variety of fields. Follow the link to see a list. Click Here> Calgary Criminal Lawyers

Do You Need to Integrate a Legal Side to Your Company?

You are the expert with respect to the professional side of your business, but we can help aid in the legal requirements you may have. Starting and running a business involves many legal requirements and that is where we are here to serve you. At Weeks Law, our corporate and commercial services assist clients ranging from the small entrepreneurs to multi-national, privately held corporations. Click Here> Corporate Law

How Do I Legally Create a Will?

At Weeks Law, our team of lawyers are highly trusted experts at drawing up last wills and testaments. They will ensure that all of your assets are covered. We put 100% effort into helping you prepare for the future and mitigating difficult times for your family. Click Here> Will and Estates

Are You Looking to Have Your Documents Notarized?

At Weeks Law, our notary public's will notarize ANY documents. From affidavits to permanent residency applications, we can provide our services for some of the most competitive prices in the city of Calgary. Click Here> Calgary Notary

How Do I Go About Getting a Copyright?

Intellectual property is a significant asset in today’s society. At Weeks Law you can put your trust in us, we have been a registered trade mark agent for 15 years. We can represent you in front of the Canadian Intellectual Property office as well as the United State Patent and Trademark Office. Click Here> Patent Lawyer Calgary

Where Can I Find Help For Employment Law in Calgary?

At Weeks Law, our lawyers have handled many different clients in the aspect of labour law. They specialize in helping negotiate collective agreements with unions and employee associations. We ensure that all issues our clients are dealt with are resolved in a professional and timely manner. Click Here> Employment Law

Do You Need Extra Help Buying or Selling Your Home?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a sophisticated investor, Weeks Law will make sure that your real estate transactions are completed smoothly so you are able to close on time. Click Here> Calgary Real Estate Lawyers

Trouble In The Entertainment Industry?

Weeks Law is committed to staying current and providing clients with industry knowledgeable solutions and advisory services in all aspects of their business both domestically and internationally. Click Here> Calgary Entertainment Lawyers

When Would I Need An E-Commerce Lawyer?

Businesses of all sizes are discovering that electronic commerce is a powerful tool for marketing products and services, exchanging information, buying and selling, and raising customer service to new heights. E-commerce also poses new challenges for businesses, ranging from protecting intellectual property rights to creating online agreements that span multiple jurisdictions. Click Here> E-Commerce Law

Just Bought A New Franchise?

Weeks Law has used its expertise to assist franchisors in protecting, enhancing and exploiting their valuable portfolios of trade-marks and other proprietary indicia in Canada. We also are experienced with assisting new franchisees starting their business and developing it. Click Here> Franchise Calgary

What Does Information Technology Law Entail?

We assist our clients with protecting their intellectual property by drafting and negotiating contracts which deal with all aspects of information technology including ownership, distribution, escrow arrangements, online hosting arrangements, domain name transfer agreements and licensing. Click Here> Information Technology Law

Does Your Business Need Legal Advice?

Our professional, friendly and experienced team can help you, in a timely manner. Click Here> Business Consulting?

Home Improvement Blog

How Do I Know My Carpet Is Getting The Best Clean In Calgary?

At Future-Now Carpets we use the most advanced technology in commercial & residential carpet cleaning with more consistently exceptional results. Click Here> Carpet Cleaners Calgary

Can I Trust My Carpet Cleaner?

The only way to be sure you can trust your carpet cleaner is by asking their other clients. At Future-Now Carpet Cleaning, we try to be as transparent as possible and post plenty of reviews and testimonials from our previous jobs. Click Here> Carpet Cleaning Calgary Reviews

Who Provides Superior Green Carpet Cleaning in Calgary?

Future-Now Carpets uses 100% eco-friendly, green cleaning products because we firmly believe that tomorrow matters. We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service for residential and commercial properties. Click Here> Carpet Cleaners Calgary

My Carpets Are Filthy, What Carpet Cleaner Can I Trust to Thoroughly Clean Them?

There are many carpet cleaners available to buy or rent within the city of Calgary. However, if your carpets are filthy, you might be best off to trust a professional carpet cleaning service. Future-Now Carpets is in the business to look after our clients' needs and the needs of the environment. That is why we offer 100% green cleaning solutions. Click Here> Carpet Cleaning Calgary

Why Should I Have My Mattress Cleaned?

If one of your family members has been awoken in the middle of the night due to itchy skin, irritated eyes, stuffy noses and other allergy like symptoms you should consider a thorough mattress cleaning. Click Here> Mattress Cleaning Calgary

Is There A Company That Offers Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Calgary?

From spills to stains, upholstery can become quite dirty. At Future-Now Carpets we can make your furniture look like new again with our professional cleaning services in Calgary. Click Here> Upholstery Cleaning Calgary

What's The Best Material For Sunrooms?

The fact that acrylic is ten times stronger than glass and can be fashioned into just about any shape means that you can enjoy a sunroom that is customized to the individual style of your home, at a fraction of the cost! Click Here> Sunrooms Calgary

Who Provides Quality Sunrooms in Calgary?

Aftica Sunrooms sets the gold standard for superior design and installation of everything from sunrooms and screen rooms to greenhouses and deck enclosures. Aftica has served the needs of Alberta's homeowners for 20 years and owner, Felix Beauchamp, has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Click Here> Sunrooms Calgary

What are the Benefits of Adding Screen Rooms to Your Home?

Residents of Alberta who wish to enjoy the outdoors year-round have begun to see the advantages of adding a screen room to their home. Click Here> Screen Rooms Calgary

Why are so Many Home Owners Adding Patio Covers to Their Homes?

Patio covers increase the actual living space of your home, protect your patio from the elements, block 100% of UV rays, and 95% of the heat contributing to significant savings on energy costs. Click Here> Patio Covers Calgary

What are the Advantages of Installing Porch Enclosures?

Enjoy immediate benefits such as an increase in living space, insect-free enjoyment in a virtually outdoor environment, and the ability to utilize your enclosure year-round. Click Here> Porch Enclosures

Who Installs Custom Greenhouses in Calgary?

Aftica Sunrooms has designed custom greenhouses of all shapes and sizes and are always excited to bring our experience and expertise to your upcoming project. Click Here> Greenhouse

How Can I Enjoy a Pool all Year Round?

Homeowners in Alberta who wish to make the most of their pools and decks throughout the year are realizing the advantages of installing an enclosure. A deck or pool enclosure affords full enjoyment year round, regardless of the weather. Click Here> Pool Enclosures

What is a Solarium?

Solariums are quite similar to sunrooms, with the exception being that solariums are traditionally designed with warmth in mind, as compared to dramatic views or artful design. Click Here> Solarium

What are the Benefits of a Conservatory?

A home conservatory provides an array of benefits. You can increase the actual living space in your home while also increasing your home's resale value. Also, a conservatory provides an airy and well-lit area where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the outdoors, even during the most severe weather. Click Here> Conservatory

How Do I Select The Right Sunroom?

At Aftica Sunrooms, one of our experienced professionals will be happy to sit down with you to explain the entire process from start to finish. Aftica will consult with you on deck design services, custom touches you may have in mind, and provide a free estimate for all of the proposed services. Click Here> Sunroom Selection & Free Estimates

Can Anyone Install A Sunroom?

Aftica Sunrooms is the one stop source for all of your sunroom installation needs. We'll consult on selecting the right sunroom or porch enclosure for your home, offer a free estimate, and even design and build a deck in the case of a brand new sunroom that constitutes a new addition to your home. Click Here> Sunroom Installation Services

Has Your Sunroom Been Damaged By The Seasons?

Aftica Sunrooms uses the most durable acrylic panels and solar screens, and our extensive experience in the industry gives us a leg up on the competition in repairing even the most petty damage. We'll discuss the possibility of replacing as compared to repairing only if it is necessary and will work with your insurance company to ensure a streamlined process. Click Here> Sunroom Repair Services

Looking For A Custom Deck Design?

If you are planning a new addition to your home, you may require professional deck design services alongside consultation on selecting the right sunroom or other porch enclosure for your home. Aftica Sunrooms will help you design a deck that fits the aesthetic of your particular sunroom or enclosure perfectly. Click Here> Deck Design Services

What's A Good Cleaning & Restoration Company In Calgary?

For more then ten years, Compro has been a full service cleaning business offering carpet cleaning, restoration, furniture cleaning, and other specialty services to residential and commercial customers. ComPro Services Ltd. has the experience and resources to offer all of our customers the most professional and most complete cleaning services for their home and business. Click Here> Disaster Restoration

What Are Some of The Health Hazards Related to Asbestos?

Prior to discovering its health hazards, Asbestos was used in a variety of construction materials such as insulation and flame retardant materials as well as acoustic ceilings and drywall compound. Once disturbed, asbestos fibers can become airborne and if this toxic substance is inhaled can have drastic health effects. Click Here> Asbestos Removal Calgary

Is There A Way to Restore My Carpet?

Heavily soiled carpets may look like they need replacement especially in high traffic areas. Compro’s commercial carpet cleaning services can often restore carpets in that condition avoiding costly replacement and extend the life of your carpet. We utilize an aggressive multi-step system for this type of cleaning which will extend the life and appearance of your carpet. Click Here> Carpet Cleaning Calgary

Are You Renovating or Building A Home?

Compro can customize our construction cleaning services to satisfy your cleaning needs and match your budget. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we listen to what the client wants first and then give them exactly what they want. Click Here> Post Construction Cleaning Calgary

What Happens When You Hire A Disaster Restoration Expert?

When you hire Compro and we arrive on site, our project manager will utilize the most modern detection equipment to analyze the damage in all areas and eliminate all health and safety risks. A full report which is ready for insurance purposes will be provided and once accepted emergency workmanship will immediately commence. Click Here> Water Damage Calgary

What Is The Best Way To Handle Fire & Smoke Damage?

When fire occurs in a dwelling you are faced with immediate damage where the fire occurred as well as residual damage created by smoke which permeates throughout the structure affecting all construction materials and contents. Successfully restoring a property after fire damage and successfully removing residual smoke, soot and odors requires trained professionals. Click Here> Fire and Smoke Restoration

How Do I Know My Furnace & Duct Cleaners Didn't Miss Anything?

Once our staff has finished cleaning everything, their supervisor will perform ComPro’s final inspection and review our “Checklist” to make sure that they haven’t missed anything. Click Here> Furnace and Duct Cleaning Calgary

How Much Is Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning?

At Compro, we provide affordable & customized furniture & upholstery cleaning to match your budget. Click Here> Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Are You Looking For Affordable Office Cleaning?

Compro can provide reliable, quick and efficient Office janitorial services at whatever time of day suits your needs. Click Here> Janitorial Office Cleaning

What's A Good Maid Service In Calgary?

Compro offers some of the friendliest, most efficient maids in the Calgary area. Using the Compro checklist, no area goes uncleaned including the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Click Here> Maid Service Calgary

How Does Mold Grow?

In order for mold to grow it needs water. We often find mold related problems behind walls or under flooring close to a plumbing source. The minor and often undetected slow drip from a plumbing source or water infiltration such as around showers and baths will provide enough water for potential problems. Click Here> Mold Removal Calgary

Are You Moving?

After big moves, the previous house usually needs a professional cleaning. Compro can help by providing an affordable and efficient cleaning service. Click Here> Moving Cleaning Company

What's A Good Odor Removal Product?

Many products available at various retailers claim to have odor removal properties such as spray deodorizers. These products for the most part only mask the odor. In other words, an air freshener will overpower the unwanted odor for a short term. These products do not remove the odor and in many cases can be offensive and irritating to people with sensitivities. Click Here> Odor Removal Calgary

Are There Companies That Do Pressure Washing?

We can customize our pressure washing services to satisfy your needs and match your budget. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we listen to what the client wants first and then give them exactly what they want. Click Here> Pressure Washing Calgary

Is There An Environmentally Friendly Way For Deep Cleaning?

Many hard surfaces such as grout and concrete are porous allowing dirt, oil and other contaminants to penetrate the surface and can be challenging to clean. Click Here> Hard Surface Cleaning

Where Can I Find A Custom Home Builder In Calgary?

Rockford has won over 25 building awards. 15 Master builder awards, 5 people choice awards. 5 SBC green building awards. Rockford's team consists of masters civil engineers, former building and building inspectors, people that have been in the industry for over 40 years. Rockford also hand picks each trade that will be working on your brand-new custom home. Click Here> Home Building Calgary

Have you ever been in a beautifully designed and decorated room, and wondered why it appealed to you so much?

The simple addition of a cornice moulding around the ceiling of a room makes rooms without a cornice look 'unfinished'. A large flat ceiling with a nice light fixture in the center is enhanced even more by adding a decorative ceiling medallion above it. Moulding Essentials are distributors of many types of decorative building products, mostly to the home builders, contractors, and installers in Calgary. Click Here> Building Supplies Calgary

Commercial Maintenance Blog

How Do I Sell or Refinance My Commercial Property?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an investor, we, at Weeks Law, will ensure that your real estate transactions are completed smoothly. Our highly trusted lawyers will put their all into making your experience as painless as possible, so you can focus on your new residential or commercial property. Click Here> Calgary Real Estate Lawyers

Marketing Blog

What is Involved in a Marketing Plan?

At Accountable Communications we have a 5 step marketing plan that includes a marketing audit to reveal your current online standings, website optimization and website rank analysis, generate a prioritized "to-do" list and more. Click Here> Marketing Plan

How Can I Make My Adwords Campaign More Effective?

At Accountable Communications we know adwords can be confusing. That is why we have developed a 10-step process to help make your adwords campaign more effective. We start with a keyword analysis to see what people are actually searching for then we add these highest searched keywords to your adwords campaign. To see the other 8 steps, Click Here> Adwords Management

Why is Copywriting So Important?

Copy is one of the most important aspects of the marketing world. Your advertising, whether it's on your website, brochure, trade show banners, etc. needs to meet certain standards. The number one reason that an advertisement gets little or no response is due to poorly written copy. Click Here> Copywriter Calgary

Do I Really Need a Logo?

In the purest sense – nobody does. Anybody can start a business without one. In theory, anyone can toil away, providing their client base with the best in service and/or products – relying on word of mouth to expand. However, a good logo will help to carve out a preconception of what your business is all about, and that will HELP your business to succeed. Click Here> Logo Design Calgary

What is Geographic Farming?

Geographic Farming means "strategically" advertising and marketing to one geographic area. For example, if your business does business with other businesses (B to B) then you might consider farming an industrial park. Click Here> Geographic Farming

How Do I Get Found on Google?

Search engine optimization (SEO) gets people's attention and generates traffic to your site immediately. There are many steps to SEO and Accountable Communications has laid out a 10-step process. The first step is to research keywords that people are actually searching for as well as your competition to compare your optimization to theirs. To read the next 9 steps, Click Here> Calgary SEO

How Can I Learn More About SEO?

Peter, from Accountable Communications, offers a FREE "From Failure to Franchise: Rank High On Google" workshop every week for business owners, like you, who have been giving their advertising dollars to the wrong people, for the longest time. Click Here> Google Workshop

What Can Social Media Marketing Do For My Business?

In 2009 the Ford Motor Company spent $150 Million Dollars on Social Media Marketing! That's 15% of their advertising budget. Ford also spent 85% of their advertising budget on traditional advertising...TV, Print and Outdoor Advertising! To find out what social media marketing can do for YOUR business, Click Here> Social Media Marketing Calgary

How Can I Make My Message Go Viral?

You've heard of the term "viral"? That's when someone sees something that is so unique that they want all of their friends to see it, too. Wouldn't it be great if you could harness that power for your products or services with your marketing message? Marketing messages that get the most mileage today are graphic. But these are big companies with big budgets. What are some ideas that can relate to small businesses without large budgets? Click Here> Business Networking Calgary

What Is My Website Lacking?

Most websites look professional, but lack essential lead generation and conversation that sells. At Accountable Communications, not only do we design professional website, we also make sure they contain: onsite optimization, lead generation and lead tracking, sales reporting and much more. Click Here> Calgary Web Design

Where Can I Market My Business in Calgary?

Look no further! We have put together the most comprehensive, business events only, local Calgary website, as voted by you Calgary business owners. We list local trade shows, networking events, seminars, lunch and learns, and much more... that's all business! Click Here> Business Events Calgary

What Are Some Upcoming Speaker Events In Calgary?

The Business Events in Calgary website lists all upcoming Speaker Events. Click Here> Speaker Events Calgary

What Are Some Upcoming Trade Shows In Calgary?

The Business Events in Calgary website lists all upcoming Trade Shows. Click Here> Trade Shows Events Calgary

Where Can I Promote My Event For Free?

Easily sign up for a listing on the Business Events In Calgary website. Click Here> Promote Your Event For Free

Where Can I Network With Other Business Owners in Calgary?

Are you looking to grow your business, know that networking is a great way to do it, but just not sure which business organization to get involved in? Be careful! Not all organizations are conductive to business growth. Most service clubs are successful business owners giving back to the community and are no longer looking for new suppliers. Click Here> Calgary Business Directory

What's A Good Business Club in Calgary?

Founded in 2005, our weekly business club focuses on "Business to Business" members and we allow only one person from each industry so that you have no competition. Click Here> Business Networking Calgary

Where Can I List My Business Online For Free?

Get added to the Calgary & Area Business Directory mailing list and you'll have your Business listed for FREE. Click Here> Free Business Listing

How Can I Generate Traffic For My Business?

In order for your business to be successful, you need clients. And in order to obtain clients, people need to know about your business. How do you get people to become aware of your business? You must advertise! Let our marketing consultant, Peter Singleton, help you to accurately brand and advertise your business in order to get the most traffic possible. Click Here> Marketing Consultant

Real Estate Blog

Will I Get More Business If I Have My Own Office?

Most people think that working from home is the best. BUT, they may not know how much business they're missing out on because many companies like to know that you have a back up... employees that can take over for you if you get sick. That means an office. At Entegra Business Centre we offer inexpensive office space here. Click Here> Office Space Calgary

How Can I Work From Home, But Still Appear Professional?

Entegra Business Centre offers cost effective virtual office rentals in Calgary. Whether you need a corporate mail address or phone answering services or both, we can provide that for you. Click Here> Virtual Office Calgary

What Services Does a Virtual Secretary Offer?

There are a variety of services a virtual assistant can offer your company, such as; word processing, scheduling appointments and meetings, event planning, phone answering with message relay and much more! Click Here> Virtual Assistant Calgary

Where Can I Find Professional Meeting Space in Calgary?

Do you need to meet with clients, but don't have the space available? Entegra Business Centre rents large and small meeting rooms for an affordable price. Included in every meeting space is the use of Wi-Fi, a large wall monitor (Available for computer hook-up), a white board and phone. Click Here> Meeting Rooms Calgary

Looking For Office Space?

Entegra Business Centre Calgary offers short and long term executive office space rentals, board room & meeting room rentals, and virtual assistance and secretarial services for almost anything a business may need at affordable prices. Click Here> Calgary Office Space

Do You Need Extra Help Buying or Selling Your Home?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a sophisticated investor, Weeks Law will make sure that your real estate transactions are completed smoothly so you are able to close on time. Click Here> Calgary Real Estate Lawyers

Where Can I Go For RV Storage?

Platinum RV Storage offers a variety of storage solutions to suit most budgets and RV storage requirements including short term, long term or month to month options. Click Here> RV Storage Calgary

Why Should You Choose Platinum RV & Sea Can Storage in Calgary?

Platinum RV & Sea Can Storage is conveniently located, affordable and offer one of the safest RV Storage Lots in Calgary! Click Here> RV Storage

Do You Need Secure Auto Storage in Calgary?

Pick up your recreational vehicle and leave your car in your auto storage spot while you're on vacation! Click Here> Vehicle Storage

Who Is One of the Leading Facilities for Public Storage Calgary Has to Offer

Platinum RV & Sea Can Storage provides some of the most affordable storage Calgary can offer. Click Here> Storage Space

Who Provides Extremely Durable Storage Containers in Calgary?

All of our storage containers Calgary are built to withstand all four seasons. Click Here> Storage Containers

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Looking For A Dentist In SW Calgary?

K&H Mayfair dentists are general practitioners and proud contributors in bringing new dental technologies to patients. Whether it's preventative or restorative, cosmetic or functional, we provide a complete range of dentistry services in a friendly and comfortable environment. And we do it with the same care that we would give to a family member - because that's what our patients are to us. Click Here> Dentist Calgary

What Are Some Teeth Whitening Solutions?

K&H Mayfair have the newest, most effective teeth whitening solutions that are bound to give you a brighter smile. Click Here> Teeth Whitening

Who Provides Gentle Dental Care in Calgary?

Our dentists at K&H Mayfair Dental are diligent in keeping their knowledge of the newest dental technologies up to date in order to better treat our patients. We are able to offer a wide variety of services, including orthodontics, through our four certified dentists. Click Here> Dentist Calgary

Are You Looking For a Dental Clinic That Offers a Full Range of Services in Calgary?

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years, or are looking for a guaranteed gentle dentist, K&H Mayfair Dental Centre is the dental clinic for you. We offer a full range of dental services, including cosmetic, laser, orthodontics, sedation dentistry and more! For over 40 years, we have been conveniently located on the corner of Elbow Drive and Glenmore Trail in Calgary, making our clinic easily accessible from all areas of the city and surrounding Calgary communities. Click Here> Dental Clinic Calgary

How Can I Improve My Smile?

Dental cosmetics combines health and function with artistic design to create a result that is tailored to each individual. While many people think "cosmetic dentistry" refers to simply making teeth look nice, it actually encompasses techniques that are used for engineering sound, functional and natural-looking teeth at the back of the mouth as well as the front. Choosing to enhance your smile can promote healthier teeth and gums and prevent further tooth damage and decay. Beauty and function should go hand in hand. Click Here> Cosmetic Dentistry Calgary

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

A dental hygienist performs regular teeth cleaning for a happy, healthy mouth. At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre, our team of dental hygienists are passionate about maintaining your oral health. Click Here> Dental Hygienist

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth, secure loose fitting dentures and improve overall aesthetics. In essence, dental implants act and look like natural teeth. Implants maintain bone mass and can help prevent additional tooth loss as well as the sunken facial appearance associated with missing teeth. Click Here> Dental Implants

What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the treatment of pulp within your tooth that has become inflamed or infected. In simpler terms, it is the treatment of a root canal. Click Here> Root Canal

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Absolutely! At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre we have been using laser dentistry in our practice for 20 years. The technology has advanced and so has our practice. With the use of the Waterlase MD™ we do many procedures such as fillings without any freezing. Kids love it and so do their parents. We are always striving to create the best possible experience for our clients. Click Here> Laser Dentistry

Is There a Dental Clinic That Also Specializes in Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a form of dentistry that helps with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of improper alignment of teeth, jaws and lips. At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre, our dentists are highly skilled in helping design the corrective orthopedic applications to bring the proper alignment to your facial irregularities. Click Here> Orthodontics

When Should My Child First Visit the Dentist?

The ideal first dental visit for a child is 6 months after their first teeth erupt. Dental problems can occur early in life, so it’s important to have the dentist examine the development of your children’s mouth. At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre, all of our dentists are extremely gentle and caring with our younger patients. Click Here> Dental Care for Children Calgary

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre, we have a highly skilled group of dental hygienists. The dentists are also equipped with techniques and tools to maintain our patient's dentition. We can replace missing gums with easy procedures and we can also control infected tissue with the use of laser treatments. Click Here> Periodontics

Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre we offer IV sedation with the aid of a certified anaesthetic administering dentist. He will monitor your safety and well-being while our professional dentists perform the dentistry required. Click Here> Sedation Dentistry Calgary

Can a Dentist Help With My Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

Yes! At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre we are able to construct a customized dental device that alleviates sleep apnea and eliminates snoring. We will help you sleep better in no time at all. Click Here> Sleep Apnea

Is There Treatment Available for TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint in front of your ear which allows you to open and close your mouth and move your jaw for talking, eating and laughing. In case of a TMJ disorder (TMD) symptoms range from chronic headaches and facial pain, to tinnitus (ringing in the ears), to outright hearing loss and neck or shoulder pain. Once diagnosed, there are a variety of treatment options. Click Here> TMJ

Can I Get Clear/Invisible Braces?

Yes, Invisalign! Invisalign® straightens teeth to give you the confidence of a great smile. Using a series of clear, virtually invisible aligners, Invisalign gently and gradually moves your teeth based on the treatment plan prescribed by your orthodontist or dentist. Click Here> Invisalign

Which Veneers Offer The Most Natural Look?

At K&H Mayfair Dental Centre we believe that porcelain veneers offer the most natural look and feel. We use porcelain veneers for a variety of enhancements, from replacing chipped teeth to completely restoring your smile. Click Here> Veneers

Is It Possible to Get a Crown in a Single Visit?

Thanks to the exceptional precision of CEREC® technology we can create beautiful computer generated porcelain restorations that are durable and blend in with the surrounding teeth. All of this can be done in as little as a single visit. Click Here> Dental Crown

Are There Alternatives to Massages?

Yes, Reflexology! Massage is like Chinese food... after two hours you're hungry for more. Reflexology lasts a week. Plus, it's the equivalent of getting 16 hours of sleep in 1 hour. Click Here> Reflexology Calgary

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology stimulates reflex areas on the feet which correspond to every part of your body – organs, glands, muscles and nerves. Reflexology Calgary activates the healing powers within the body. The healing goes where it is needed and occurs on all levels: mind, body and soul. Click Here> Reflexology

What Art the Benefits of Reflexology?

There are many benefits to reflexology. One of the most important being reduction of stress and tension. The body needs time to restore and heal itself. Whether a person falls asleep or not during a treatment, the body goes into a 'sleep like state'. Fifteen minutes in this state is the equivalent to four hours of sleep, as far as repairing and restoring the body. It is healing on all levels: mind, body and soul. It also helps improve circulation, helps assist the body in the release of toxins and balancing the whole body. Click Here> Reflexology Benefits

Who Provides Reflexology in Calgary?

Lynn Paulhus from Mobile Reflexology is a professional Calgary reflexologist. Lynn had her first Reflexology treatment in 1987 and was hooked. She loves the flexibility and variety that being a reflexologist provides. She has given treatments in places such as; spas, chiropractor’s office, hospitals, places of business and clients homes for their convenience. Click Here> Reflexologist

What Is NeuroKinetic Therapy?

NeuroKinetic Therapy corrects incorrect movement patterns that cause chronic pain within our bodies. It gives immediate and permanent relief of pain and works great for injury rehabilitation. Not many people have heard much about NKT as it is still a relatively new practice for managing pain. Click Here> Neurokinetic Therapy

Does NeuroKinetic Therapy Provide Relief of Chronic Pain?

Yes! One of the causes of chronic pain is dysfunctional movement patterns in the body. These movement patterns are controlled by the motor control centre located in the brain. Unfortunately, past pains or injuries can alter these movement patterns that are sent out from the motor control centre to the body. Click Here> Chronic Pain

Can Golf/Tennis Elbow Be Fixed?

Yes, there are treatments available to relive the pain caused by tennis and golfers elbow. We use Neurokinetic therapy to correct the improper movements being made by your body; which alleviates the pain in your elbow. Click Here> Tennis Elbow

How Do I Pick The Right Personal Trainer?

There are many personal trainers available in Calgary, but you want one who will work with you until you reach your goals. Steve Gronick doesn't just push healthy lifestyles on his clients, he lives one himself! Click Here> Personal Trainer Calgary

Are There Small Group Personal Training Courses in Calgary?

One of the many great ways of getting in shape is by attending a personal training camp or courses. Steve Gronick offers small group training, with a maximum number of 6 people. Here, you will learn how to get healthy and stay fit without the intimidation of a large group. Click Here> Small Group Training

Why Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

Training under the supervision of a certified trainer educates you on the proper movements that reduce your risk of injury and accelerates your progress. Steve Gronick starts with an in-depth genetic assessment and functional movement diagnostic that removes the guesswork and automatically creates customized, personalized workouts. He then educates you on the proper movements that generate maximum results, safely. Click Here> Personal Training Calgary

Are You Still Experiencing Pain from an Old Accident or Injury?

Many people struggle to deal with pains associated from previous car accidents or injuries, know that you are not alone! Steve Gronick has a solution to help alleviate these pains, and get your body back in shape. Click Here> Injury Rehabilitation

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Have you tried eating right and staying active but still can’t manage to lose weight? Stress can be a major factor that can stop people from losing weight. Steve Gronick can help you reduce your stress and enable you to finally reach your weight loss goals. Click Here> Weight Loss

Are There Prerequisites to Crossfit Training?

Crossfit has some of the best athletes in the world. But it does come with a price. Because of the intensity and the volume of exercises that crossfit requires you to do, it does increase the risk of injuries. Before you get started with Crossfit, make sure you are moving properly by coming to see Steve Gronick. Click Here> Crossfit Calgary

Why Should I Attend a Fitness Bootcamp?

Fitness boot camps are a cost effective and motivating way to get you fit again! We offer them with a maximum of 6 people per group to give you the motivation of a group of people striving for similar goals with the low trainer to client ratio to make sure you are getting the best workout for you! Click Here> Bootcamp

What is a Paleo Diet?

In a nutshell, the Paleo diet is based on the notion that for optimal health, modern humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies. Click Here> Paleo Diet

What is Andropause?

Andropause (also known as "man"-opause) is the reduction of testosterone and other sexual reproductive hormones in males. It affects most men between 50-60 years of age. The signs and symptoms are increased fatigue, belly fat, and decreased drive/motivation and sexual function. There are natural ways to increase your testosterone and other sexual reproductive hormones. They will not only improve your hormone levels, but enhance many other parts of your life as well. Click Here> How to Increase Testosterone

What Is Kinesiology?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Kinesiology is the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement. Steve Gronick holds a diploma in Kinesiology and is able to apply his knowledge to help you transform your body into what you've always wanted it to be. Click Here> Kinesiology

Who Can Help Me Eat Healthy?

There are 5 simple changes you can make in your diet to be healthy, lose fat, and get the body you want. Steve Gronick can help you with these 5 simple steps. Click Here> Nutrition Calgary

Where Can I Sign Up For A Fitness Program?

With Steve Gronick, our passion is to change the way fitness is done by helping as many people as we possibly can achieve their health and fitness goals through services that goes beyond any average personal training service. Click Here> Fitness Programs

Where Can I Find A NeuroKinetic Therapist?

Steve Gronick is an expert in body transformation and pain relief. With NKT, Steve can help improve your performance in any activity. You can hit the golf ball farther, run faster and longer, lift more weight, and become flexible enough to perform any activity. Click Here> NeuroKinetic Therapy

Who's A Good Personal Trainer In Calgary.

Steve Gronick offers a variety of body transformation options. Even coming only twice a week, you will still see great results. Click Here> Personal Trainer Calgary

Do You Want to Lose Weight Fast?

At Laser Therapy Calgary we understand that not everyone is happy with their bodies. We want to help you safely lose inches of your waist with no downsides or recovery time. We use Zerona machines, which are widely popular in the USA and are now available in Canada. Laser body contouring with the Zerona machine is one of the most cost effective weight loss methods available today! Click Here> Laser Weight Loss Body Contouring

What is a Psychologist?

According to the Canadian Psychology Association, in Canada, the professionals who most commonly treat people with mental health problems are psychologists and psychiatrists. A psychologist holds a master's and/or doctoral degree in psychology that involves from 6 to 10 years of university study of how people think, feel and behave. Click Here> Psychologist Calgary

Who Else Helps People with Mental Health Issues Besides a Psychologist?

Are there any other experts who can help someone with mental health problems? The answer is yes. A Psychotherapist. Click Here> Psychotherapist

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental health problems by a mental health specialist. Click Here> Psychotherapy

Where Can I Find a Psychotherapist?

Most Psychotherapists work in local clinics. Some however have embraced technology and can be reached from anywhere using Skype. Calgary Therapists

What is Addiction?

Addiction is the persistent practice, or use of a substance, despite problems related to that practice or use of that substance, caused by a habitual psychological or physiological need of that practice or substance, which is beyond voluntary control. Click Here> Addiction Services

Can an Addiction be Cured?

Most addictions can be managed. For more on managing addictions, click here> Addiction Services

What is Adult ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). ADHD is essentially a chemical imbalance in the management systems of the brain. Click Here> Adult ADHD

Can ADHD Be Cured?

ADHD can certainly be managed in most cases, whereby the person with DHD can live a somewhat normal life. Click here> Adult ADHD

Does Typical ADHD Care Rely Too Heavily on Drugs?

A recent study published online in "Pediatrics" found that more than 93 percent of ADHD children are on some type of medication while only 13% receive some form of therapy as well. Click Here> Attention Deficit Disorder

Where Can I Find Out More About Attention Deficit Disorder?

A recent study published online in "Pediatrics" found that more than 93 percent of ADHD children are on some type of medication while only 13% receive some form of therapy as well. Click here> Attention Deficit Disorder

What is Anger?

Anger is a human and more often then not, a normal basic human emotional response that we all experience from time to time. When we are angry, it triggers physiological responses such as an increase in heart rate and an increase in blood pressure, as well as biological reactions such as an increase in energy hormones, adrenaline, and noradrenalin levels. This is the survival response from a physiological and biological perspective that causes a flight or fight response where the purpose is to defend against a perceived threat. Click Here> Anger Management

Can Some Who Has a Problem Controlling Their Anger be Cured?

Someone who has a problem controlling their anger has probably had that aggressive response for a long time. Most anger can be managed. Click here> Anger Management

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by extreme mood swings from energetic, over the top behaviour and elated emotional highs, called mania or hypomania, to extreme behavioural and mood lows characteristic of depression. The cycle of swings can vary from a few hours, to days, to a week and a month and sometimes occur years apart. Click here> Bipolar Disorder

What Causes Bipolar Disorder?

It is more correct to say that there are known factors that predispose a person to the illness since the cause is unknown. There are also risk factors that can trigger the illness. Click Here> Bipolar Disorder

What is Codependency?

First called “co-alcoholics”, the word codependency, which was coined around 1980, originally applied to spouses of alcoholics. Today it is extreme emotional or psychological dependence on a partner, typically who needs care due to an illness or addiction, and considered an emotional and behavioural condition that affects one's ability to have a wholesome, mutually fulfilling relationship and is acknowledged as “relationship addiction” due to the fact that most people with codependency frequently develop and maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally damaging and often abusive. Click Here> Codependency

Can Codependency Be Cured?

An assessment of the individual and the couple relationship can provide answers for therapy required for both the individual and /or couple to facilitate a functional, healthy relationship. If the client is an individual, then the therapy focuses on their self-esteem issues, root causes, and identifying codependent patterns and establish appropriate relationship boundaries so as to be able live in relationship without the distortions of the codependent behaviours that cause so much distress. Click here> Codependency

What Are Warning Signs That Your Relationship is Failing?

Sings that your relationship is failing might include: loss of respect, spending less time together, you don't really care about each other, you annoy each other easily, little or no sex. Click Here> Couples Counselling Calgary

Where Can Couples with Relationship Problems Get Help?

Couples that have relationship problems can get help from Psychotherapists. Click here> Couples Counselling

When Do We Need Couples Therapy?

When the onset of these symptoms begin can depend on how young or old you were when you coupled, how long you have been a couple, and whether your kids are about to leave home, or have left. Click here> Couples Therapy

How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Having an Affair?

Your Intuition Tells You That Your Spouse is Having an Affair
The telltale sign that your spouse is having an affair is having to ask that question in the first place. If your intuition or gut feeling tells you that something is going on, then chances are something is going on.

Visual Signs
When your spouse isn't wearing their wedding ring when they usually they wear it at all time; or when you find intimate apparel; secretive phone calls; finding condoms; finding birth control pills; when your spouse flirts with members of the opposite sex; when your spouse arrives home and heads straight for the shower when they shouldn't have to; when they are always tired or demonstrate a noticeable lack of energy or interest in the relationship; etc.

Verbal Signs
When your spouse encourages you to have more of a social life with your friends or avoids going to social events with you; when they act uncomfortable around you; etc.

When your spouse or their clothes smell of an unfamiliar perfume or after-shave when they are wearing more than usual.

Electronic Clues
When you discover a new e-mail account or deletes their emails and voicemails; when you're not allowed to look at their cell phone; when they receive bizarre texts; excessive internet usage, especially late at night; when your spouse won't allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room; etc. Click here> Marriage Counselling

What Are Some Common Struggles in Long-Term Relationships?

Some common struggles in long-term relationships are: a lack-luster sexual relationship, feeling distant and removed from each other, unable to talk to each other like you used to and more. Click Here> Couples Therapist

What are the Different Types of Relationships?

Types of Relationships
The Codependent Relationship
You need your partner to function efficiently.

The Controlling Relationship
One partner plays a dominant role.

The Open Relationship
Both partners have sex with other people.

The Negotiation Relationship
There are a lot of compromises from both sides just to keep the other partner happy.

The Toxic Relationship
You're frustrated or annoyed most of the time, and you have no idea why.

The Pastime Fling
You're not so in love that you make future plans with each other.

The Asexual Relationship
You aren't interested in having sex with each other.

The Trophy Relationship
You're dating your partner because it makes you look better.

The Sexual Affair
You're in the relationship only for the sex.

The Distracted Relationship
Both partners are in love, but completely invisible to each other.

The imperfect Relationship.
You know your relationship isn't perfect, but you don't really want to change it.

The Unhappy Relationship
You're staying because of your kids or what society will think of you.

The Long Distance Relationship
Both of you live in two different area codes and share minimal physical intimacy.

The Complicated Relationship
You have issues but neither of you have no idea how to fix the issue or deal with it.

The Emotional Relationship
This is the kind of secret affair you have with someone other than your own partner.

Friends with Benefits
A no strings attached sexual agreement, nothing more.

The Love-Hate Relationship
As much as there is love and passion, there's the same amount of hate.

The Insecure Relationship
Your partner always assumes that you're cheating.

The Abusive Relationship
One partner controls the other, either verbally or physically.

The May December Relationship
A relationship with someone who's at least a decade and a half older or younger.

The Sacrificial Relationship
Your partner doesn't seem to love you with the same intensity as you love them.

The Truly Compatible Romantic Relationship

Click here> Relationship Advice

What are Common Symptoms of Depression?

Common symptoms of depression include: persistently sad, no energy, difficulty sleeping, sleeping too much, loosing (or gaining) weight without trying, irritability and much more. Click Here> Depression

What is Depression?

There is evidence that depression is a mental illness caused by an imbalance in chemistry. Depression is not the normal mood fluctuation that often goes with everyday living. Nor is it a personal weakness or character flaw. It is a persistent low mood and aversion to activity, of two week or more duration, which affects one's thoughts, behaviours, and total sense of well being. Its symptoms can vary from mild to severe. The triggers that cause the imbalance of brain chemistry are many and varied as outlined below. Depression is an 'umbrella' term' used to describe a number of different kinds of depression, all of which require treatment in the form of anti-depressants and psychotherapy. The most effectiveness occurs with a combination of both. Click here> Depression

What is a Midlife Crisis?

Midlife Crisis is a term first coined by Elliott Jaques in a paper, "Death and the Mid-Life Crisis". It is an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that occurs in early middle age. Click Here> Midlife Crisis in Men and Women

What are Signs That You are in a Midlife Crisis?

What Are Signs That You Are in a Midlife Crisis?

You start to have more questions than answers
Is this all there is?
Why am I doing this?
What about what I need?
Who am I anymore?
You're no longer satisfied with major elements in your life
You start comparing yourself to others
You start comparing yourself to your more successful friends
Younger co-workers
You make unusual choices
You drink more
Start smoking again
Start smoking marijuana again
You go clubbing
Have an affair
Leave your family
Feel that your life no longer fits you
You're more concerned about your older appearance
You you want excitement and thrills
You have a desire for doing "feeling free" physical activities
Driving a sports car or convertible
Sky diving

Click here> Midlife Crisis

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD is a mental illness that involves a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress or anxiety disorder occurring as a result of a terrifying ordeal that involves physical harm or the threat of physical harm or severe psychological shock or exposure to trauma involving death or the threat of death, or sexual violence, either experiencing it or witnessing it, typically involving disturbance of sleep and constant vivid recall of the experience, with dulled responses to others and to the outside world. Click Here> Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What are Some Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Symptoms fall into four categories: Those that evoke intrusive traumatic events, avoidance, negative thinking and mood, and changes in your emotional reactivity.
A sense of hopelessness
Avoidance of activities, places or people that remind you of the event
Changes in appetite
Changes in sleep patterns
Crying for no reason
Difficulty focusing on work or daily activities
Difficulty maintaining relationships
Difficulty making decisions
Emotional Numbness
Feeling "on edge," being easily startled
Feeling despair
Irritability or agitation
Memory loss
Not able to experience positive emotions
Over protectiveness
Recurring thoughts
Upset Stomach

Click here> Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What Are Some Warning Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair?

Some warning signs are: smells, visual signs, verbal signs, your intuition and electronic clues. Click Here> Marriage Counsellor

What Are Some Signs Your Relationship is Failing?

Some signs include: failure to communicate, no longer having sex, you avoid making future plans, you constantly fight, you think about breaking up and more. Click Here> Relationship Advice

What is a Sex Therapist?

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that addresses concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, for adults of any age, sex or sexual orientation and is typically provided by a psychologist, social worker, physician or licensed therapist and who has special training in issues relating to sex and sexual relationships. Sex therapists do not have physical contact with patients, and therapy is usually short term, with a limited number of sessions, with treatment depending on the concerns that need to be addressed. Click Here> Sex Therapist

Does Sex Therapy Work?

Sex therapy can certainly improve some failing marriages. But this is just one aspect of fixing a failing marriage. Click here> Sex Therapist

What is Aspergers?

Aspergers Syndrome is a “high functioning” autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Affected children have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and often repetitive behaviors. Click Here> Aspergers Symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Asbergers?

What are the Symptoms of Aspergers?
Poor Social Skills
Poor Social Skills
Children with Asperger's syndrome usually have difficulty interacting with other children and often not very skilled in social situations; making friends; and initiating and maintaining conversations.

Eccentric Behavior
Odd repetitive movements, such as hand flapping; wringing and finger twisting are not uncommon amongst children with Aspergers.

Unusual Idiosyncrasies
A child with Asperger's syndrome may develop idiosyncrasies or peculiar behaviour that they refuse to change, such as getting dressed in a specific order.

Communication difficulties
Children with Asperger's syndrome usually don't make eye contact when speaking with someone and use peculiar facial expressions and gestures. They are also very literal in their use of language.

Limited Interests
A child with Asperger's syndrome may develop an intense, almost obsessive, interest in a few areas, such as sports schedules, weather, or maps.

Coordination Problems
The movements of children with Asperger's syndrome may seem clumsy or awkward.

Highly Talented
Highly Talented
Many children with Asperger's syndrome are exceptionally talented or skilled in a particular area, such as music or math. Click here> Asbergers Symptoms

What Are Some Blended Family Challenges?

Some blended family challenges include: trouble accepting a new parent, issues with age, changes in family traditions, coping with the demands of others and more. Click Here> Blended Family Challenges

Can Blended Family Challenges be Overcome?

Yes, blended family challenges can certainly be managed. Click here> Blended Family Challenges

What Is Considered Child Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse includes touching and non-touching activity. For some examples, Click Here> Child Sexual Abuse

What are Some Warnings of Possible Child Sexual Abuse?

Children often show us rather than tell us when something upsets them. This may take the form of changes in behaviour. A child/teen who may typically be outgoing might become withdrawn and quiet. A child/teen who is generally easy-going may become irritable and angry. Of course, there are many reasons for changes in behaviours. However, if you notice a combination of worrying signs it may be time to reach out for help. Click here> Child Sexual Abuse

What is Conduct Disorder?

Conduct Disorder is a range of antisocial types of behavior displayed in childhood or adolescence. Click Here> Conduct Disorder

Can Conduct Disorder be Cured?

If you are the parent of a child or teen with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, you know that the experience can be frustrating, overwhelming and often isolating. To add to the challenge, well-meaning family and friends may be blaming you for your child's behavior. The truth is that typical parenting strategies don't tend to work with these kids. As a therapist, I draw from Dr. Ross Greene's work. So, when treating Conduct Disorder, I operate under the belief that kids will do well if they have the skills to do well. My assessment process involves sorting out where the skills are lacking in addition to gaining a good understanding of the impact the struggle is having on the family. It's then possible to move into the work of building the necessary skills to allow your child to succeed. It's amazing to see the shifts that occur when kids work through this process! Click here> Conduct Disorder

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

People with OCD experience both obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted and disturbing thoughts, images, or impulses that suddenly pop into the mind and cause a great deal of anxiety or distress. Click Here> Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Can Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Be Cured?

If you or someone you know suffers from OCD, you or your loved one will have a set of habits of thinking, feeling, and acting that are extremely unpleasant, wasteful, and yet difficult to stop. Usually these habits involve thoughts, images, or impulses that habitually come to your mind even though you don't want them.

You probably notice that, along with these thoughts come unwanted feelings of extreme distress or anxiety and strong urges to reduce that distress. To try to get rid of the anxiety, people get into the habit of engaging in various special thoughts or actions, which we call rituals.

Unfortunately, as you know, the rituals do not work all that well. The distress goes down for a short time only and comes back again. Eventually, you may find yourself doing more and more ritualizing to try to reduce anxiety, but even then, the relief is temporary and you have to do the ritual all over again. Gradually you find yourself spending so much time and energy on ritualizing - which does not work well anyway – that other areas of your life get seriously disrupted.

The treatment involves "Exposure and Ritual Prevention." It is designed to break two types of associations. The first one is the association between sensations of anxiety and the objects, situations, or thoughts that produce this distress. For example: If the television is not turned off, it will catch on fire. Perhaps a visual image comes up about what this would look like.

The second association we want to break is the one between carrying out ritualistic behavior and the feeling of less anxiety or less distress. In other words, after you carry out the repetitive behavior, you temporarily feel less distress. Therefore, you continue to engage in this behavior frequently. The treatment we offer will break the automatic bond between the feelings of discomfort/anxiety and your repetitive behaviors. It will also train you not to ritualize when you are anxious. Click here> Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Are You Concerned About Your Child's Behavior or Your Own Ability to Parent a Challenging Child?

At Phoenix Rises, we can help. "As a therapist, I understand the dynamics that trigger the struggle and I can help you turn your relationship with your child into a positive one. I help parents learn how to enter into their child's unique world. From there, life-giving responses begin to create the shifts that both parents and their children yearn to experience." Sandra R. Forsyth, Psychotherapist. Click Here> Oppositional Defiant Disorder

What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

Typically, your child won't perceive his or her behavior as defiant. Instead, your child is likely to believe that unreasonable demands are being placed on him or her. The following are behaviors associated with ODD:

• Disobedience

• Defiance
• Negativity

• Hostility directed toward authority figures - Parent Punishment

Click here> Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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Are You New To Golf?

At Riverside Golf Centre we have many beginners that come to see us who are completely new to the game. They start off with no experience and end up becoming really good. With some of the most professional beginner golf lessons Calgary has to offer, we help beginners walk away with a new found passion for the game. Click Here> Beginner Golf Lessons Calgary

How Can I Lower My Golf Score?

At Riverside Golf Centre we provide intermediate lessons that focus on keeping the game fun and lowering your golf score. Knock up to 5 strokes off our golf game in just one year! Click Here> Golf Lessons Calgary

Are You Looking For Golf Lessons?

Research by the PGA Tour has shown that over 70% of all golf shots are played inside 100 yards. Riverside Golf Centre is the only "indoor" golf facility in Calgary that has a large short game surface to help you where it really the scoring zone! Click Here> Calgary Golf Lessons

Are You Looking For a Professional Golf Instructor?

Our C.P.G.A. professionals include Rob McLeay, Glenn Boswell, Bill Dreger, Garett Jenkinson and Len White whom have over 60 plus years of experience in instruction. Click Here> Golf Instructors

How Can I Play Golf On International Courses Without Having to Travel?

At Riverside Golf Centre, let us help you fulfill your dream of playing on courses from around the world with our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators. Choose from over 100 different golf courses including; TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews, Royal Troon and many more. Click Here> Golf Simulator

Can I Play Golf in the Winter in Calgary?

Don’t let bad weather bring you down, come down to Riverside Golf Centre and enjoy our 20,000 square foot indoor facility any time of the year and keep your golf skills sharp! Our High-Tech golf simulators allow you to play on some of the most sought after courses throughout the world, such as; TPC Sawgrass; St. Andrews; Royal Troon and many more! Click Here> Indoor Golf Calgary

Are There Indoor Driving Ranges in Calgary?

Riverside Golf Centre has one of the largest indoor driving ranges in Calgary, equipped with 14 stalls. Apart from our quality driving range, we also have HD golf simulators and a short game area, complete with sand traps. Click Here> Indoor Driving Range Calgary

Who Offers Golf Lessons for Kids?

Riverside Golf Centre! Our junior golf camps are designed to introduce and promote the game of golf to junior golfers of all abilities. The goal is to provide a fun and enjoyable learning environment that will stimulate interest in the game. Juniors will learn the importance of rules and etiquette, as well as the basics of the swing and the game. Click Here> Junior Golf Lessons Calgary

Where Should I Host My Next Corporate Party?

Rent out Riverside Golf Centres entire facility for your next big event. They offer a full bar, food service, 4 state of the art simulators, 14-stall driving range, large putting green, large chipping area and our pro shop. And of course weather is never a problem! Click Here> Party Venues Calgary

What Are Some Golf Tips?

The Riverside Golf Centre has monthly golf tips by their C.P.G.A. professional staff. Click Here> Golf Tips

Where Can I Find Custom Fit Clubs?

The Riverside Golf Centre is a certified Ping & Titleist Club fitting Centre, so now is the time to get your clubs custom fit and possibly knock a few more strokes off your game. Click Here> Custom Club Fitting

Are There Golfing Events in Calgary?

The Calgary Oil & Gas Golf Classic is a fun yet competitive event, held once a year, at some of the most prestigious courses located in and around Calgary. There are many prizes to be won and the proceeds help support the Alberta Children’s Hospital as well as the Haskayne School of Business's Scholarship Fund. Click Here> Calgary Golf Classic

Compare All The Golf Courses In Calgary In One Place

If you're looking for a list of all the best golf courses in Calgary, visit this Calgary Golf Course site. They have information on each Golf Course including addresses, contact information, and pricing. Click Here>Calgary Golf Courses

Where Can I Find A List Of All Calgary's 9-Hole Golf Courses in Calgary & Area?

This Calgary Golf Courses site has information about all of Calgary's finest 9-Hole golf courses in one place. Click Here>9-Hole Golf Courses

Is There Somewhere I Can Find A List Of All Calgary's 18-Hole Public Golf Courses?

This Calgary Golf Courses site has information about all of Calgary's finest 18-Hole golf courses in one place. Click Here>18-Hole Golf Courses

What's The Best Way To Compare Private Golf Courses in Calgary & Area?

This Calgary Golf Courses site has information about all of Calgary's finest private golf courses in one place. Click Here>Private Golf Courses

How Can I Find Where To Take Golf Lessons in Calgary?

This Calgary Golf Courses site lists exactly where you can find Golf Lessons in Calgary. Click Here>Golf Lessons

Where Can I Play Indoor Golf In Calgary?

This Calgary Golf Courses site shows you exactly where you can play Indoor Golf in Calgary. Click Here>Indoor Golf

What Are Some Of The Best Golf Stores In Calgary?

If you're looking for golf equipment, this Calgary Golf Courses site lists all the Golf Stores in Calgary. Click Here>Golf Stores Calgary

Where Can I Buy A Golf Simulator In Calgary?

If you're looking to play golf year-round, the answer is Simulator Golf. This Calgary Golf Courses site tells you exactly where to buy Golf Simulators in Calgary. Click Here>Simulator Golf

Franchise Blog

Are You Considering Buying a Franchise?

Franchise Business 4 Sale has many franchise to choose from and an easy to navigate website. Click Here> Franchise for Sale

Are You Interested in Earning an Above Average, Residual Income?

If you have great presentation and sales skills, the rest can be trained. We do all of your production until you have your own team in place. Production includes: Website Design; Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Marketing; Advertising Consulting and Franchise Consulting. Click Here> Franchise Opportunities

Translation Services Blog

How Can I Ensure That My Translation Is Done Correctly?

Advisory Translation Services is a professional local translator will put your fears to rest! It is their dedication to ensure that the meaning is conveyed clearly in the translated document. They specialize in media translation but are also open to business documents, educational manuals and other written forms. Click Here> Translation Services Calgary

Food & Drink Blog

Feel Like Trying A New Calgary Restaurant?

Christos Authentic Greek, one of Calgary's premiere Greek food destinations offers a wide range of traditional and modern Greek favorites prepared with care and quality using the finest ingredients available. Visit our brand new location at 1324 11 ave. SW for lunch or dinner to enjoy the very best Greek food Calgary has to offer. Click Here> Greek Restaurant Calgary

Where Can I go for Greek Cuisine in Calgary?

Christos Restaurant is named for the father of co-owner Nick Psofimis, and represents the culmination of a lifelong dream to share the very finest in Greek cuisine with Calgarians. Working closely with his mother, co-owner Maria Psofimis, Nick has crafted an exceptional decor and dining experience in Christos clean, modern location. The next time you think Greek food be sure to visit Christos for the best in modern and traditional Greek cuisine. Click Here> Greek Restaurant Calgary

Are You Looking for the Ultimate Lamb Dinner?

At Christo's Authentic Greek Cuisine, our traditional roasted lamb shank is seasoned with fresh garlic and Greek herbs then slow braised for ultimate tenderness. Click here> Greek Food Calgary

Are you looking for great Greek food in a fantastic atmosphere with super service, all at an affordable price?

At Christo's Authentic Greek Cuisine, we provide some of the most authentic Greek food with amazing customer service that will make you feel right at home! Click here> Greek Food Calgary

Insurance Blog

How Do I Know My Insurance Company Isn't Just Trying To Fill Their Insurance Plan Quota?

At ISS Benefits Management, we do things differently. We work for you. Instead of hiring employees to work for us, we are independent brokers. That means that we're not tied to one specific product, but we can sell numerous products from numerous companies. Click Here> Insurance Company Calgary

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance offers help pay costs associated with life-altering illnesses. If you become sick with an illness covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you receive a lump sum cash payment and you decide how to spend the money. Click Here> Critical Illness Insurance

Where Can I Get Reliable Dental Insurance?

Most people think they're properly insured, right up until it's time to make a claim, and then they find out that they're really not insured. ISS Benefits Management provides reliable Insurance in a number of areas. Click Here> Dental Insurance

When Do I Need Group Benefits For My Company?

Once the company generally gets to about 5 employees, the employees will get to the point where they demand group benefits. Click Here>

Health Insurance PHSP Vs. Medical Insurance?

PHSP stands for Private Health Services Plans and covers many things that medical insurance doesn't cover for example, Registered Massage Therapists (RMT), all Chiropractic Treatments, Acupuncture, etc. Click Here> Health Spending Account

What Does A Health Trust Include?

When buying health insurance, you need to be careful because it does not include life insurance or disability. Those are separate products that you need to buy. Click Here>

What Are The Different Kinds Of Life Insurance?

There are two different kinds of life insurance: permanent and term. Click Here> Life Insurance

Where Can I Get Reliable Medical Insurance?

There are numerous types of medical insurance and numerous medical insurance providers. One of the most effective ways of knowing that you have the right medical insurance at the right price is by hiring an insurance broker. Click Here> Medical Insurance

What Is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal Life Insurance is an insurance product often used for advanced tax deferral strategies whereby unearned income and retained earnings are put into universal life insurance products which allow them to be realized tax free. Click Here> Universal Life Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance?

Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance are the exact same thing. Click Here> Whole Life Insurance

What Should We Look For In Life Insurance For Children?

Child Insurance should have a bit of both life insurance and critical illness insurance. Life insurance should be increased as the child ages. Click Here> Life Insurance For Children

Beware Of Banks That Sell Mortgage Insurance!

Make sure you are properly covered with an independent insurance company that has a history of payment. Banks will only return your premium. Click Here> Mortgage Insurance

What Is Partnership Insurance?

Partnership insurance offers help paying costs associated with life-altering illnesses of one or both of the partners. If you become sick with an illness covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you receive a lump sum cash payment - you decide how to spend the money. Click Here> Partnership Insurance

Can Financial Advisors Provide Insurance?

As your financial security advisor, Knights Financial Management will help you navigate the myriad of issues regarding personal and business finance including providing reliable insurance. Click Here> Insurance Calgary

Consumer Blog

What Makes A Floral Arrangement Unique?

Stemz Florist and Treasures combines traditional and contemporary floristry offering you stunning creations. Find a unique, giftware treasure, combine it with fresh flowers and you have a grand statement. Click Here> Calgary Florist

Transportation Blog

24/7 Taxi Service in Airdrie, Calgary, and Surrounding Area

Late night out? No problem! Call us anytime, day or night and we'll be right there to pick you up, anywhere in Airdrie and surrounding area. Click Here> Airdrie Taxi

IT Services

Who Should I Get To Fix My Computer?

The worst person to fix your computer is a friend. Leave it to the professionals. Techsquad has a trained team of professionals ready to help you fix any of your computer problems. Click Here> IT Services Calgary



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