4 Simple Strategies to Stay Productive During the Lazy Summer Months.

You have been there before, as mid-June rolls around the opportunities to play a little hooky in your business abound! So how do you enjoy the longer days and sunshine AND still stay productive during the summer months?

Read this post to learn 4 simple strategies to stay productive so that you can start the fall season and the 4th quarter of the year feeling good about what you got done during the summer. If you are going to tackle the summer the way you did last year then you know you will get similar results, right?

4 Simple Strategies to Stay Productive During the Lazy Summer Months.

Get Up Earlier

With the sun rising earlier and the warmer weather it is much easier to get a couple of hours of work done before the rest of the world is stirring. Use this time for your high value, non-negotiable activities for that day. Plan them the night before when you review what you got done that day and make sure that you set the stage for the next morning. Shut down your email, turn of your social media notifications and put the files or documents you are working on at your fingertips so you don’t get distracted.

Get Physical Activity 

You may wonder how this helps you stay productive during the summer. Often when it’s hot outside it’s easier to kick back with a glass of something cold on the patio with a few friends inside of getting some physical activity. Getting your body moving gives you energy; it increases your endorphins which make you feel positive and more likely to tackle tasks that you may easily find excuses not to.

Check out other options that are inside if it’s actually too hot, or what outdoor activities are there that you haven’t tried before. Look for physical activities that inspire you and then book it in your calendar. Trying something new helps with a positive outlook and you won’t feel like its all work and no play.

Plan Your Days

It’s very easy to let go of the structure of routines during the summer. Create a 12 week summer plan right now with the 1 – 3 projects you want to accomplish within that time frame. If you are clear on what results you want (make sure you do want them) then the strategies and tactics to achieve them will become clear, at the very least the first few action steps.

Once you have taken those the next steps will fall into place. Make sure you have them written down in your calendar with reminders and think about how you can eliminate any distractions you have. Because you will be getting up earlier I suggest that you tackle these important action steps before anything else.

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Plan Your Fall

Nothing gets us fired up and focused than clarity. When you have a clear picture of what your intended results are for the 4th quarter, what you do during the summer matters. Your summer plan should lead into your plan for the fall so every day counts. The summer activities and results are the foundation for a great end to the year.

Yes these steps are simple. And I believe that if you implement them you will find yourself much more productive, feel much better about yourself and your business will thank you! I recently recorded a video that touched on this subject; I recommend that you watch it!

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  1. Lynda Monk says:

    Hi Kerry, thanks for these great suggestions, as well as the time budget template. Much appreciated. May you have a restful, fun and productive summer! Warmly, Lynda

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