3 Massive Mistakes You Need To Know for Better Health

In order to have a successful life, you need to maintain good health. Living a healthy lifestyle is our passport to good health.  We exercise, we are conscious of what we eat and strive to live a stress free life.  But we may not be aware, that in the process, we are committing mistakes that instead of leading us to better health, make us struggle with our weight and lack of energy.

Health and nutrition coach Rosa Coelho details the three (3) massive mistakes that keep us exhausted, gain weight and lose energy.


Most people have a misconception of what exercise really is.   For example, how much exercise one actually has to do and what kind of exercise is good for their body.

Often women feel the need for long workouts.  You can actually get incredible results with short workouts, so long as they are intense. Consistency is the key.  You're better off doing something and moving  your body every single day rather than just  leaving it to the weekend. This is called “compound effect”,  where every little bit you do throughout the week will add up.  10 -15 minutes of exercise each day will work better,  as compared to doing everything in one day.  


Understanding what nutrition is will enable us to make better choices.  For most people, it is not that they are over eating, but they are under eating. There’s a lot of focus on calories as opposed to nutrients. Don't count calories.  Count the amount of colors you take in a day and how many nutrients you put into your body.   If you are eating food that are bright and live and vibrant then that's how you are going to feel as well.

Many people are counting calories or not eating something because it contains fat.  Take note -  there is good fat and bad fat, you need both to sustain energy and in fact, burn calories.  

So many people patronize “zero fat.”  but when you look at the rest of the ingredients at the back of the label, there are so many bad ingredients incorporated in it.  Eat food that doesn’t  have a lot of processing and are whole foods.  

Practice reading labels.  A prepackaged salad you bought in a cafe seems to be just the right one to keep you healthy. But when you turn to the label, the list of ingredients is endless and it's a chemical concoction you are putting in your body.  So, READ LABELS.


Have a mindset of success.  Work in the positive versus the negative.  What you want to get versus what you do not want.  Many women focus on what they want to change.  Instead, look at your body and see what do you absolutely love about yourself.  

Begin to appreciate what you have.  If there is gratitude, you are going to create amazing energy and you are going to get more of what you want.  

It is okay to want to change your body, it’s okay if you want to improve it.  But it doesn't have to come from a place of not liking yourself.  Focus on how you want to improve yourself and come from an inspiring place.  Love yourself and you just want to be an even better version of you. Mindset is the key component of sustaining the change to new habits.  Remember, the principles for success and happy life are the habits we create.




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